Windows 3.x
What can I say about this game that isn't obvious? Well, perhaps you haven't played this specific version. It's no Battle Chess, but still fun and highly customizable.
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  • Chip's Challenge
    If you have never played this game, then you are in for a treat! Avoid obstacles while finding your way through a maze of objects and monsters! Fun and challenging!
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  • Cruel
    Isn't this your favorite card game? No? Well, I admit, I've never played it much either. But hey, its a card game, so if you like those, how could you go wrong with a game like this?
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  • Columns
    First of all, this is not an exact Tetris clone, despite how it may appear. However, it is simliar in the sense that blocks are dropping from the top of the screen at a faster and faster rate!
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  • Dr. Blackjack
    This is a nice little blackjack (21) game. I really can't say anything much to promote this game, except that I have no complaints!
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  • Entombed - Episode 1 - [Author's Site]
    This is the first of four episodes that make up the full version of Entombed. Similar to Myst, you travel around a lifeless environment. In this case you are an archaeologist who must solve puzzles in order to escape from an underground tomb.
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  • Football
    This is a basic football game that allows simple commands such as Run, Pass, Kick, and Timeout. It's not exactly a game that has a lot replay value, but if you aren't too concerned with the poor graphics and just want a quick football simulation, give this game a try.
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  • Freecell - [Microsoft FTP Site]
    For fans of computer card games, Freecell is one of the most addictive and popular titles around. This is the version that used to come with some versions of Windows.
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  • Fuji Golf
    Another game that was gobbled up in the MS Windows Entertainment Pack. It is a good game for what it is, I just never had the patience to play when I was younger.
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  • Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures
    This isn't the best Indiana Jones game made, but it can be some good fun while it lasts. In this demo you can solve puzzles, fight nazi's, and you know, whip everything in sight.
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  • Jezzball
    If you love addicting games and have not played Jezzball, then I suggest you set some time aside for this game. The game is simple, yet is very challenging.
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  • Klotski
    This is a strangle little puzzle game this I haven't had much chance to play. Give it a shot if you like challenging your mental abilities.
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  • Life Genesis
    If you have not heard of the game of Life, then where have you been? No, I mean the game about cellular growth that requirs patience. Haven't heard? Then check out this version!
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  • Minesweeper
    If you have never played this game (and have owned a PC with Windows), then where have you been? This is one of the most popular mini-games ever. Don't be afraid of the numbers....
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  • Pegged
    This is a nice little peg puzzle game. It might be worth a few hours of your puzzling time. Or not. I'll leave it up to you to decide. A classic nonetheless.
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  • Pipe Dream
    This game, although I'm not sure if it is the first of its kind, is an absolute classic. I used to play it all of the time as a kid, but I had never before realized that this game is from LucasArts!
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  • Rattler Race - [Microsoft FTP Site]
    Yet another snake clone, this version isn't bad at all. With various versions of difficulty, and that pesky second worm, you can easily spend hours with your fingers on the cursor keys.
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  • Reproduction Man
    In this boulderdash clone your goal is to lead a sperm to an egg by tunneling through panels while avoiding obstacles. There are no enemies, so overall the game is quite easy.
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  • Reversi
    This is an othello clone (in fact, I knew of this game before I had ever heard of othello). Anyway, for those of you who actually like this game, here's a very nice compact copy.
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  • Rodent's Revenge - [Microsoft FTP Site]
    The graphics for this game are cute, but poor. But that shouldn't stop you from having fun with this little classic! Admittedly, it is quite original. And of course, boring after a while.
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  • Ski Free - [Official Site]
    If you haven't played this game, you absolutely must! It is one of the most classic Mini-Windows Games of all time. And for being roughly 20 years old, it stands the test of time. We offer the original version. Visit the official site for a version compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.
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  • Slam!
    This small Windows 3.1 era game is awesome! I had forgotten about it until recently, and when I found it again so many great memories came back! Right-click to change the colors. Author Robert Epps released this game as freeware on February 5 2008.
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  • Stones
    This is a board game in which you, um, well, I was too lazy to read the rules. But from the looks of it, this game should be challenging and fun.
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  • Taipei
    I definitely reccomend this little classic. The object is to remove matching tiles from a pile, but you can only choose from the loose tiles. Hours gone, but not wasted.
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  • TetraVex
    This puzzle game can be challenging and frustrating at times...what good fun! Yet again another Entertainment Pack game. One of the best number puzzles next to Minesweeper.
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  • Tetris
    This is a clone of a clone of a clone of tetris. I can't count how many copies of this game have been made. This version is all you need. High scores, and pretty pretty blocks.
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  • Tic Tactics
    Tic-Tac-Toe, but with style! Well, not really, but it is a quality little game nonetheless. You can play normal mode, or have boards up to 4x4x4.
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  • TriPeaks
    Okay, okay, like a lot of the card games here, I haven't played this one much. But I do know that my mom used to play this all of the time, so hey, it can't be that bad.
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  • Tut's Tomb
    Well, if you like card games, go ahead and Download this nice little classic. No, I never play this game. But if you're willing, you can figure out how to play on your own.
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  • Word Zap - [Official Site]
    This is a really nice little word game, similar in effect to Boggle. The point is to try to form as many words as possible before the timer runs out. Great fun indeed!
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  • Zeek The Geek: Part 1
    In this puzzle game you must collect mushrooms as you find your way through walls and obstacles, eat flower powerups, and find ways to utilize your surroundings.
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  • Windows 3.x