Ancients - [Publisher's Site]
If you are looking for an RPG where you have to click your way around, both in town and in fights, then this DOS-era classic is for you. It is a standard dungeon crawler.
  • Download Shareware Version (485k)
  • Animal Quest - [Official Site]
    I first played this game at my friend Dan's house. You pick your character from among a group of animals of various sizes, and then proceed through levels, eating anything smaller than yourself.
  • Download Shareware Version (417k)
  • Arctic Adventure - [Official Site]
    This game is similar in style to Monuments of Mars. It is the sequel to Pharaoh's Tomb (another well designed platform game). You play as archaeologist Nevada Smith, who is searching for a Viking treasure in the Arctic. This game was released in 2009 as freeware.
  • Download Full Version (272k)
  • Battle Chess - [Wikipedia Page]
    When this game was first released it revolutionized chess on the computer. The animation brings a level of carnage to the game that makes it much more fun to play than normal chess, especially in multiplayer mode.
  • Download Full Version (496k)
  • BC Racers - [Wikipedia Page]
    The third game in the Chuck Rock series from the now defunct Core Design, this is a fun, if not a bit unusual, racing game. Basically you physically assault other racers, and do your best to make it to the finish line using power boosts and jumping over ramps. You know, the usual.
  • Download Full Version (2.1MB)
  • Bio Menace - [Official Site]
    Another classic platform game from Apogee, this one has a bit of a rough feel to it. Nonetheless, it is good for some quality entertainment. You play as Snake Logan, a CIA agent who is conveniently similar to Duke Nukem in style. This game was released as Freeware in 2005.
  • Download Full Version (1.6MB)
  • The Black Cauldron - [Al Lowe's Official Site]
    This is an adventure game from Sierra that is based on the movie of the same name. It was designed by the creator of Leisure Suit Larry, the great Al Lowe. You play as a pig farmer who discovers that one of his pigs has mystical powers, and must subsequently keep her from being used by the Horned King in his quest for world domination.
  • Download Full Version (292k)
  • Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold - [Official Site]
    Something about this game was especially appealing when I was young, and even to this day. You play as the title character, fighting against a variety of genetically mutated creatures that have been unleased upon the earth by Dr. Pyrus Goldfire.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.42MB)
  • Beneath a Steel Sky - [Official Site]
    As far as non-Sierra or Lucas adventure games go, this game is among the top. Particularly if you like cyberpunk games or dystopian futurescapes. You travel around a city with a small robot that helps you with your tasks. You will have to use the ScummVM emulator, which can be found on our Utilities Page. This game has been released as freeware by Revolution Games.
  • Download Full Floppy Version (7.3MB)
  • Download Full CD Version (66.2MB)
  • Blood
    This is one of the most gruesome First Person Shooter games that I remember from my early teenage days. I haven't played it much, but everyone gives this game rave reviews.
  • Download Shareware Version (16.5MB)
  • Boppin' - [Official Site]
    In this game, you throw blocks at other similar blocks. The blocks that you throw bounce, and sometimes break the other blocks, releasing monsters in the process. You receive points for the monsters that you release. There are more complicated features as well, but this is the basic idea.
  • Download Full Version (1.4MB)
  • Breakfree
    I remember playing this game as a kid, and being addicted for hours on end. This is a 'clone' of Arkanoid, but is played from a first-person shooter perspective.
  • Download Shareware Version (392k)
  • Caesar
    With the release of Caesar IV, the original title in the series is now slightly dated. However, it is still a fun strategy title, and it has now been released as freeware.
  • Download Full Version (740k)
  • Catacomb Abyss
    This is the first of three sequels to Catacomb 3D. It is a first-person shooter using magic instead of weapons. I am not sure if there are shareware versions of the other sequels.
  • Download Shareware Version (800k)
  • Chex Quest
    Normally I wouldn't consider adding a B-list game such as this, but I can remember around 1996 finding a CD-ROM based game in a box of Chex cereal, so I felt a bit nostalgic when I encountered this download. It is a 5-level doom clone set in a strange environment.
  • Download Full Version (4.4MB)
  • Commander Keen: Marooned On Mars (Episode 1) - [Official Site]
    An instant classic from Apogee, Commander Keen was one of the first action games that I enjoyed (because it was one of the first that I was any good at). I would recommend this game to any fan of platformers, especially of you have never played it before.
  • Download Full Version (238k)
  • Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy (Episode 4) - [Official Site]
    The fourth episode in the Keen series, this game is equally as classic as its predecessors. The engine is slightly different, but plays just as well. You get to use the PoGo right away!
  • Download Full Version (712k)
  • Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter (Episode 6) - [Official Site]
    The sixth and final official episode in the Keen series, this demo allows you a few more levels of fun with Keen and the pogo. These games are still sold (as of 2010), so if you enjoy playing them, go purchase the other episodes!
  • Download Demo Version (332k)
  • Commander Keen: Keen Dreams (Episode 7) - [Official Site]
    This is the seventh and final episode in the Commander Keen series. After playing the first level, there is a good chance that you will hate potatoes. This is a great platformer, worthy of being the final title in the Commander Keen series.
  • Download Demo Version (352k)
  • Corncob 3D - [Official Site]
    The graphics on this old flight sim are primitive, but the game is still enjoyable! This was actually the first flight sim I ever played. Plus there are many options to choose from.
  • Download Shareware Version (369k)
  • Many people including myself missed this game when it first came out. It was easy to miss considering that it was simply recycling the Wolfenstein 3D engine, but that also makes it on par with many other DOS first-person shooters.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.1MB)
  • Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure - [Official Site]
    Perhaps one of the lesser known side-scroller games from Apogee, this game is as fun as any Keen, Duke, etc. Plus, you get to be this cool little alien dude named Cosmo!
  • Download Shareware Version (583k)
  • Crime Fighter - [Official Site]
    The object of this turn-based game is to commit as many crimes as possible. It sounds like Grand Theft Auto, but the gameplay is much different, and predates the GTA series by a one year.
  • Download Full Version (583k)
  • Crystal Caves - [Official Site]
    I never played this old Apogee sidescroller much, but it is certainly just as fun as the rest! It is a little older than some, but still stands the test of time.
  • Download Shareware Version (245k)
  • Cybersphere - [Wikipedia Page]
    This game is your standard Arkanoid clone, but it is notable for its nice graphics and gameplay. There are powerups, bonus gems, and also invisible blocks that only appear after being hit, making for a very enjoyable ball and paddle game experience.
  • Download Full Version (72k)
  • Cybersphere Plus - [Wikipedia Page]
    This is the sequel to Cybersphere. It is essentially just an expansion of the first game. That said, it once again makes for a very enjoyable game.
  • Download Full Version (75k)
  • Dark Ages - [Official Site]
    The storyline of this game is hardly original, but then again neither are most platform games from the MS-DOS era. You play as Garth, a prince whose land was usurped by an evil wizard. This game is from Apogee, so the controls are clean and you can count on the game being entertaining.
  • Download Full Version (376k)
  • Death Rally - [Official Site]
    Okay, we don't have too many racing games here, but we do have a bunch of games from Apogee! So here is a racing game from Apogee. I haven't played it much, but it looks fun.
  • Download Shareware Version (6.59MB)
  • Descent - [Publisher's Site]
    When this game first came out I was absolutely blown away. Not only did I like the idea of flying around in a somewhat freestyle environment, but the blasting of other ships really tied it all together for an experience that all who played it are sure to chersih.
  • Download Demo Version (2.70MB)
  • Donald Duck's Playground - [Al Lowe's Official Site]
    You control Donald and his nephews, and must play games in order to earn money to buy items for the playground. Is it just me, or does this sound like a Sims game? According to the author, the legendary Al Lowe, this game is free to download.
  • Download Full Version (108k)
  • It's your Doom to play this game. At one point in time this game was the benchmark for all good first person shooters. The graphics may seem slighly primitive, but this game rox.
  • Download Shareware Version (2.33MB)
  • Electro Man - [Wikipedia Page]
    This is a short yet challenging 2D Platformer that was developed in Poland, and later published by Epic MegaGames. As you might suspect, your character must harness the power of electricity in order to make his way through 8 very challening levels.
  • Download Full Version (888k)
  • The Elder Scrolls: Arena - [Official Site]
    This is the game that started a spectacular RPG franchise. If you have played Daggerfall, Morrowind, or Oblivion then you know just how much fun it can be to run the entire world map from the start of the game. I have only played Oblivion on my PS3, but I was overjoyed to discover that the first two titles in the series are now free from the publisher.
  • Download Full Version (9.8MB)
  • Flight of The Amazon Quen - [ScummVM Site]
    This adventure game is reminiscent of Indiana Jones, if only in the sense that you play as a cocky adventurer who must make his way out of the jungle after his plane crashes. Both versions of this game must be played using ScummVM, which is free to download at the above link.
  • Download Full Floppy Version (6.8MB)
  • Download Full CD Version (32.2MB)
  • Heartlight - [Wikipedia Site]
    In this puzzle game you control an elf who must collect hearts while strategically avoiding boulders and other objects that succumb to gravity once your character has destroyed the natural environment on each level. Well, perhaps that is a bit too dark of a description, after all, this game can be a lot of fun for you puzzle fans.
  • Download Full Version (456k)
  • Heretic - [Official Site]
    Based on the same engine used in Doom, Heretic takes things to another level. This game is awesome for anyone who likes magic, monsters, and mystical mayhem. How's that sound?
  • Download Shareware Version (2.76MB)
  • Heros I: The Sanguine Seven - [Official Site]
    I had never heard of this game until now. It is a platformer in which you control one of seven characters (you can switch between each of the 50 levels), such as the Flying Squirrel, the Drip, the Flea, Leadman, Gumwad, Rocketress, and Spaced Cadet.
  • Download Full Version (544k)
  • Hexen - [Official Site]
    You can call this game Heretic II if you like, but Hexen is a definite improvement upon the orignial. You have a choice of three characters this time. Download, you won't be disappointed.
  • Download Shareware Version (5.40MB)
  • Hocus Pocus - [Official Site]
    Hocus Pocus is one of the great side-scrolling games from Apogee that I have had little time to play (I was always too busy with Duke or Keen). But the game is still great.
  • Download Shareware Version (921k)
  • H.U.R.L. (Slob Zone 3D)
    This game is indescribably unique. I remember first playing it on a PC Gamer CD. Truly a crazy and interesting concept for a first-person shooter. You don't have a gun. You throw eggs. There are vending machines. It is crazy! Actually, it almost reminds me of Mario Sunshine in the sense that you are cleaning up filth.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.29MB)
  • In Search of Dr. Riptide
    In this side scrolling game made in 1994, you must stop Dr. Riptide from destroying the oceans. Riding in your submarine, you must maintain your oxygen levels, while collecting coins, power-ups, and new weapons.
  • Download Shareware Version (687k)
  • Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures
    This isn't the best Indiana Jones game made, but it can be some good fun while it lasts. In this demo you can solve puzzles, fight nazi's, and you know, whip everything in sight.
  • Download Demo Version (1.04MB)
  • Iron Seed - [Publisher's Site]
    Pick a ship, pick your flight crew, and be on your way! This game is similar to Elite, Space Trader, and other open-ended space transport games. This game has tremendous replay value because the planets and encounters are randomly generated. Along the way you will upgrade your ships, weapons, and artifacts.
  • Download Full Version (4.1MB)
  • Jazz Jackrabbit - [Publisher's Site]
    Apogee again? No, Jazz Jackrabbit is the 'Sonic' or 'Mario' of Epic Megagames. It is extremely fun and had brilliant graphics for the time. This game is definitely unique from Keen or Duke.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.35MB)
  • Jetpack - [Official Site]
    This small but fun platform game from Adept Software allows you to build your own levels, in addition to the levels that are provided. Over 1,000 levels have been developed for this game.
  • Download Full Version (484k)
  • Jill of the Jungle - [Official Site]
    Here is an Epic Megagames platformer that predates Jazz. It's is a decent side scroller that, unlike most games of the era, puts a female in the lead role! Certainly fun and unique.
  • Download Shareware Version (299k)
  • Kiloblaster - [Official Site]
    I decided that the site needed another space shooting game, because they are sooo rare. (Detect a hint of sarcasm?) Well, have fun, this game is great if you're into arcade action.
  • Download Full Version (1.3MB)
  • Lure of the Temptress - [Official Site]
    In this adventure game you play as Diermot, a peasant who at the start of the game must break out from prision with the help of a serf named Ratpouch. Through the rest of the game you ask ratpouch to perform tasks for you. An innovative concept, which allows for interesting logic puzzles. Revolution Games has released this game as freeware.
  • Download Full Version (5.4MB)
  • Major Stryker - [Official Site]
    This is different. A space shooting from Apogee. It is awesome from fans of this genre. There are many powerups, and plenty to shoot at. Enjoy this one!
  • Download Full Version (1.2MB)
  • Math Rescue - [Official Site]
    I am a big fan of the Apogee educational games. This game is essentially the Duke Nukem of educational games. You must collect treasures like any other platform game, but you must also solve math problems along the way.
  • Download Shareware Version (472k)
  • Monster Bash - [Official Site]
    Yet another sidescroller from Apogee, the atmosphere of this game makes it quite enjoyable. It makes me want to eat some halloween candy and get really drunk.
  • Download Shareware Version (0.99 MB)
  • Monuments of Mars - [Official Site]
    Don't let the graphics of this game fool you into not trying this early platformer published by Apogee Software. You play as an astronaut who must make his way through the Martian landscape, activating switches and avoiding aliens and traps.
  • Download Full Version (204k)
  • Nibbles - [Wikipedia Link]
    This game was included with MS-DOS as an example of the capabilities of the Q-Basic programming language. You must run the game through QBasic, which is included in this zip file. This also allows you to modify the game as you see fit, assuming that you have the knowledge to do so. The game itself is a version of Snake, which is available on many cellular phones.
  • Download Full Version (296k)
  • Operation Body Count - [Wikipedia Site]
    This first-person shooter from Capstone Software was designed using the Wolfenstein 3D engine. You must fight your way to the top of the 40-story UN building that is under a terrorist attack.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.7MB)
  • Overkill - [Official Site]
    This is an early space shooter game published by Epic Megagames. It isn't too unique from others like it, but it is fun if you feel like shooting a bunch of stuff!
  • Download Full Version (412k)
  • Paganitzu: Episode 1 - Romancing The Rose - [Official Site]
    In this Action/Puzzle game, you play as Alabama Smith, who has entered an Aztec temple and must solve various puzzles in order to make your way through the temple. All three episodes of this game are still for sale, so we have provided a download of the shareware version.
  • Download Shareware Version (364k)
  • Pharaoh's Tomb - [Official Site]
    This game features CGA graphics based on the FAST (Fluid Animation Software Technology) engine. Objects' positions are determined by their bounding volumes, not their exact positions on screen. You play as Nevada Smith, an archaeologist and adventurer exploring an Egyptian pyramid.
  • Download Full Version (220k)
  • Quake - [Official Site]
    After a while, people grew tired of playing FPS games that looked like crap, and so naturally a game like Quake was born. This game is eerily awesome, Download now!
  • Download Shareware Version (8.67MB)
  • Radix: Beyond The Void - [Publisher's Site]
    I should probably stop uploading games that I haven't played much. This is Epic Megagames' answer to Descent, which was also a good game.
  • Download Shareware Version (3.81MB)
  • Raptor: Call of the Shadows - [Official Site]
    This game from Apogee is very fun. It's a top-down view flight fighter game, that has fairly decent graphics, but most importantly can be very fun.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.92MB)
  • Realms of Chaos - [Official Site]
    This sidescroller from Apogee is very fun. You can switch back and forth between your male and female character at any point in the game. Give it a try!
  • Download Shareware Version (2.62MB)
  • Rise of the Triad - [Official Site]
    I can remember playing the shareware of this game for hours on end. It's your average FPS, with above-average style. Something about this game just rox, try it out.
  • Download Shareware Version (3.49MB)
  • Sango Fighter - [Official Site]
    Another game that I had not heard of until recently, this is your typical fighter, but with a historical spin. It takes place during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China, and your fighters are all historical figures. In 2009 the rights to this game were purchased by Super Fighter Team, and the English and Chinese versions were released as freeware.
  • Download Full Version (1.6MB)
  • Secret Agent - [Official Site]
    If you loved Commander Keen or Duke Nukem (or hell, even that goofy green jackrabbit) you'll love this platformer from Apogee. Secret Agent (a.k.a. SAM) is a classic.
  • Download Shareware Version (498k)
  • The Settlers of Catan - [Official Site]
    I have to thank my friend Katie for introducing me to this game. The original board game has become increasingly popular in Silicon Valley recently. This freeware version for DOS, released back in 1998, was one of the first computer ports of the game.
  • Download Full Version (823k)
  • Play Online at
  • Shadow Warrior - [Official Site]
    This isn't the best FPS made, but it can be fun for fans of the genre. It is also based on the Duke 3D (Build) engine. Critics say it's not that great. Find out for yourself.
  • Download Shareware Version (12.6MB)
  • Skyroads - [Official Site]
    In 1993 Bluemoon Interactive released this game as a shareware title. You move a vehicle along a track with obstacles, holes, and tunnels. For its time it was an innovative game, and it still can be fun. The full version has been generously released by the developer.
  • Download Full Version (580k)
  • Skyroads: Xmas Special - [Official Site]
    In 1993 Bluemoon Interactive released this game as a shareware title. You move a vehicle along a track with obstacles, holes, and tunnels. They also released this Christmas version a few months later, which basically was an expansion pack for the original.
  • Download Full Version (588k)
  • Solar Winds - [Official Site]
    This is an interesting looking space fighting game that few people have heard of. But it also combines elements from other genres for an overall good time.
  • Download Shareware Version (498k)
  • Space Quest 6 - [Buy The Game]
    This is one of my favorite adventure games from my younger days. In this demo you are able to explore the interstellar cruiser on which Roger Wilco works. The game features the return of our favorite narrator, Gary Owens. This demo runs well in DOSBox.
  • Download Demo Version (97.9MB)
  • Spear of Destiny - [Official Site]
    If you've heard of Wolfenstein 3D (which I hope you have), this is the "sequel". The AI is improved, but mostly it is the same as the original, which means that it is great fun.
  • Download Shareware Version (686k)
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces
    The classic Star Wars game from the early 1990's, Dark Forces and it's sequel Dark Forces II are excellent Star Wars games, whether or not you are a fan..
  • Download Demo Version (3.2MB)
  • Stargunner - [Official Site]
    This is Apogee Software's final game released in the 1990's (1996 to be exact). I is a well crafted side-scrolling shooter game with an assortment of powerups and lovely graphics to boot.
  • Download Full Version (40.2MB)
  • Strife
    With all the First Person Shooters on the site, it is a bit surprising that I have not yet added Strife. I haven't had a chance to play it, but apparantly it blends a Doom-style shooter with elements from RPG and Adventure games.
  • Download Shareware Version (4.6MB)
  • TekWar - [Buy It Here]
    This was the first FPS to use the Build (Duke3D) Engine. The atmosphere of this demo is dark like a cyberpunk game. Also it's from William Shatner! I didn't know that up until last year.
  • Download Demo Version (6.93MB)
  • Terminal Velocity - [Official Site]
    I remember plugging in my old FlightStick Pro and playing this demo. The graphics are aged, but for the time this game was an awesome flight-fighter simulation.
  • Download Shareware Version (3.61MB)
  • TerraFire - [Official Site]
    For your entertainment we present to you; TerraFire. This seemingly mild-mannered shoot-em-up game can be difficult at first, but once you are used to the controls you are in for fun. Originally released in 1997, it has since become freeware. The odd thing about this game? No bosses!
  • Download Full Version (2.3MB)
  • Thor's Hammer
    A fantasy-style first-person-shooter, Thor's Hammer is a 3D dungeon crawler that is good for hours of fun. Fight monsters with magic, weapons and armor. The game has been released as freeware.
  • Download Full Version (2.4MB)
  • TNM 6.2+ Wrestling Simulator - [Official Site]
    TNM is a text-based professional wrestling league simulator. I don't really use it anymore, but I've wasted many hours in the past with this fun program.
  • Download Shareware Version (586k)
  • Traffic Department 2192 - [Wikipedia Page]
    This top-down multi-directional shooter game is set in a dystopian future, which gives the rather basic arcade mechanics a dark menacing overtone. If you are a fan of cyberpunk games, or a fan of space shooters, give this one a shot.
  • Download Full Version (2.4MB)
  • Tyrian 2000 - [Wikipedia Page]
    I had heard of but never actually played this game until recently. The gameplay is what you would expect from your typical flying/shooting game, but your ability to modify your craft as you progress adds to the overall appeal. This game was released in 2004 as freeware, and in 2007 the source code was given to a group of developers who made an open-source C version.
  • Download Full Version (4.8MB)
  • Wacky Wheels - [Official Site]
    This game is great! And for some reason it reminds me of, know that cartoon where the Hanna Barbara characters race around? Well yeah, it's just as great as that...only for PC.
  • Download Shareware Version (1.57MB)
  • Wolfenstein 3D - [Official Site]
    To not have this game on a site such as ours would be unacceptable. So, without further delay, the original first person shooter. No explanation is necessary. This one is a classic regardless.
  • Download Shareware Version (836k)
  • Worms - [Official Site]
    Okay, I already had the second game in the series on the site, so I decided to upload the first! I don't think it's as fun, but hey, it's still a classic.
  • Download Demo Version (1.62MB)
  • Xargon - [Official Site]
    In this side-scrolling platformer you play as archaeologist Malvineous Havershim, trapped in an evil world ruled by Xargon. Overall a very fun game with lovely graphics.
  • Download Full Version (1.3MB)
  • Zone 66 - [Official Site]
    I can't say much about this game because I haven't played it very much. That and I prefer the platformer games from this era. But still, give it a shot. It's worth it.
  • Download Shareware Version (993k)
  • Zone Raiders - [Official Site]
    I have only ever played the demo of this game, but it fastinated me when I was a young PC Gamer subscriber. I love the idea of driving a hovercar through a futuristic (I like to imagine cyberpunk) cityscape. Great stuff!
  • Download Demo Version (2.0MB)
  • MS-DOS