OLD NEWS: 2002-2007

Eternal Games Archive isn't exactly the standard abandonware site...“ - ancient.dk
2007 - Online but no longer updated, the site disappears and then returns as Smush The Cat in mid-2008.
2006 - Eternal Games Archive begins its 2-year hiatus. The site remains online.
2005 - Eternal Games is revived with a new unique name: Eternal Games Archive (www.egarchive.com)
2004 - the Moon Trine recieves a redesign, the name Eternal Games is adopted, the site moves.
2003 - the Barry Reserve moves its content and changes its name to the Moon Trine.
2002 - A site is founded under the name 'the Barry Reserve', a small collection of games grows.

A Screenshot from the Eternal Games Archive, circa 2006

This Cat Graphic Was On My First Website in 1998