OLD NEWS: 2008-2009

There Were No Updates In 2009 2009
Windows 95 Shareware: Captain Claw December 3, 2008
Sorry, I guess I was enjoying myself a little too much over the long holiday weekend to do any updates. Today's game is Captain Claw! This classic 2D Platformer is a lot of fun, so go check it out. It has a pirate cat!
Windows 95 Shareware: Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II November 25, 2008
I was looking for a Windows 95 game to upload, so I figured I would upload the sequel to yesterday's game. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a great improvement upon the original. I haven't played the demo version, so I hope there is enough in it for you to enjoy!.
DOS Shareware: Star Wars - Dark Forces November 24, 2008
I used to watch my friend Kyle play Dark Forces and its sequel back in 8th grade. I haven't played this game all the way through, but if you happen to enjoy Star Wars games this is a classic you should be able to enjoy.
Windows 95: Hover November 21, 2008
Another game has been added to the Windows 95 section. Furthermore, it is the official game that was packaged with Win 95! Hover is just what you would guess, a hovercraft game. It is actually pretty fun, so go give it a try before I'm subpoenaed by Mr. Gates.
Windows 95: Age of Wonders November 19, 2008
Okay, enough with the FPS games. I used to play them, but here's an update I would still play today. Today's update is a fantasy turn-based strategy RPG. That alone should make you want to play. Age of Wonders isn't necessarily unique, but is very fun and well made for it's genre. The demo has good replay value.
DOS Shareware: Strife November 16, 2008
With all the First Person Shooters on the site, it is a bit surprising that I have not yet added Strife. I haven't had a chance to play it, but apparantly it blends a Doom-style shooter with elements from RPG and Adventure games. Sounds better than the usual shoot-em-up crap to me!
Emulators: N64, PS1, PS2 November 13, 2008
Sorry, no games today. But in a sense you could be playing more games if you download the Emulators that we added! There are Windows and Mac versions of a N64 and Playstation 1 emulator, and a Windows version of a PS2 emulator. If someone knows of a PS2 emulator for OS-X, let me know!
DOS Demo: Theme Hospital November 8, 2008
This wonderful game from the now defunct/absorbed Bullfrog Studios, Theme Hospital puts you in charge of hiring hospital staff, building rooms, and overseeing operations. This game is loads of fun, even if you only play the demo! This is yet another PC Gamer Demo game from my youth.
Win 3.x Mini-Game: Chip's Challenge November 7, 2008
I have been trying to upload games that I used to play when I was younger. Chip's Challenge is one of these games, and I can't count how many hours I spent going through the dozens of levels included in this great puzzle game. There are also sites that offer add-on levels for this game, for infinite playability!
Win 95 Demo: Age of Empires November 4, 2008
It seemed a little strange to upload Age of Empires II without having uploaded the original Age of Emprires. Or perhaps this is just my excuse for being too lazy to think of another update. This one is great as well, no need to tell you why!
Win 95 Freeware: Dink Smallwood November 3, 2008
Today's update is Dink Smallwood, a modest yet very fun and enteratining Action RPG. I had a lot of fun playing this the first time, so go check it out if this title is new to you.
Win 95 Demo: Age of Empires II November 1, 2008
I hope you all had a great halloween. No scary titles to celebrate, but we have just uploaded a demo for a very classic game, Age of Empires II. This demo can be a lot of fun, almost as much as the full version.
DOS Demo: Zone Raiders October 30, 2008
Today's update is Zone Raiders. This classic came out when I was still playing demos on PC Gamer CD's. Go have fun being a pirate in a futuristic cityscape with a hovercar! Sound like Fun?
DOS Shareware: Corridor 7, Descent October 29, 2008
The site is now receiving its first visitors, so I wanted to welcome all of you with an update! There are two new DOS shareware titles. First, Corridor 7, is a Doom clone that can be fun if you like shooters. Our second game, Descent, was an absolute classic the minute it hit shelves. Give one or both a try!
New Update: Emulation Release List October 23, 2008
The site layout has undergone further renovation. New game additions include 26 Windows 3.x mini-games, 52 DOS shareware titles, as well as a wide variety of useful applications and emulators. The emulation page is still undergoing extensive development, but we have added a selective list of upcoming release dates for various TV shows, DVDs, and console video games for those who need some inspiration.
Welcome to the grand opening of smushthecat.com! Or rather, the not-so-grand opening. The site is bare-bones, and doesn't have much to offer as of yet. That will soon change as the site becomes flooded with open-source and freeware games and programs, as well as information regarding how to acquire emulators and tips on where to find games.