Game Title / Year Genre License
Alien Force 1990 Action Full Version
Beavis & Butthead: Bug Justice 1995 Action Full Version
Beavis & Butthead: Court Chaos 1995 Action Full Version
Beavis & Butthead: Hock-a-Loogie 1995 Action Full Version
CD Man 1992 Action Full Version
Cybersphere 1996 Action Full Version
Cybersphere Plus 1997 Action Full Version
Nibbles 1990 Action Full Version
Overkill 1992 Action Full Version
Prairie Dog Hunt 1993 Action Demo Version
Raptor: Call of the Shadows 1994 Action Shareware
Ski Free 1991 Action Full Version
Slam! 1993 Action Full Version
Solar Winds 1993 Action Shareware
Stargunner 1996 Action Full Version
Terrafire 1997 Action Full Version
Traffic Department 2192 1994 Action Full Version
Tubular Worlds 1994 Action Shareware
Tyrian 2000 1999 Action Full Version
Wings 1996 Action Full Version
Worms 1995 Action Demo Version
Worms 2 1997 Action Demo Version
Zone 66 1993 Action Shareware
Game Title / Year Genre License
Beneath a Steel Sky / 1994 Adventure Full Version
The Black Cauldron 1987 Adventure Full Version
Black Star: Agent of Justice 1995 Adventure Shareware
Dragonsphere 1994 Adventure Full Version
Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back 1996 Adventure Full Version
Entombed - Episode 1 1997 Adventure Full Version
Flight of The Amazon Queen 1995 Adventure Full Version
Indiana Jones Desktop Adventures 1996 Adventure Shareware
King's Quest VII 1994 Adventure Demo Version
Lure of the Temptress 1992 Adventure Full Version
Space Quest 6 1995 Adventure Demo Version
Teen Agent 1996 Adventure Full Version
Troll's Tale 1984 Adventure Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Battle Chess 1991 Board Full Version
Chess 1992 Board Full Version
Chinese Checkers 1992 Board Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Cruel 1993 Card Full Version
Dr. Blackjack 1992 Card Full Version
Freecell 1993 Card Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Hover 1995 Driving Full Version
Skyroads 1993 Driving Full Version
Skyroads: Xmas Special 1994 Driving Full Version
Zone Raiders 1995 Driving Demo Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Animal Quest 1991 Educational Shareware
Donald Duck's Playground 1988 Educational Full Version
Math Rescue 1992 Educational Shareware
Game Title / Year Genre License
One Must Fall: 2097 1994 Fighting Full Version
Sango Fighter 1993 Fighting Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Alien Cabal 1997 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold 1993 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Blood 1997 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Catacomb Abyss 1992 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Chex Quest 1996 First-Person Shooter Full Version
Corridor 7 1994 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Cybermage: Darklight Awakening 1995 First-Person Shooter Demo Version
Depth Dwellers 1994 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Descent 1995 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Doom 1993 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Duke Nukem 3D 1996 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Heretic 1994 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Hexen 1995 First-Person Shooter Shareware
H.U.R.L. (Slob Zone 3D) 1994 First-Person Shooter Demo Version
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 1997 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Ken's Labyrinth 1993 First-Person Shooter Full Version
Operation Body Count 1994 First-Person Shooter Shareware
PowerSlave 1996 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Quake 1996 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Quiver 1997 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Redneck Rampage 1997 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Rise of the Triad 1995 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Shadow Warrior 1997 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Spear of Destiny 1992 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Star Wars: Dark Forces 1995 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Strife 1996 First-Person Shooter Shareware
TekWar 1995 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Thor's Hammer 1995 First-Person Shooter Full Version
Witchaven 1995 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Wolfenstein 3D 1992 First-Person Shooter Shareware
Game Title / Year Genre License
Fury 3 1995 Flying Demo Version
Terminal Velocity 1995 Flying Shareware
Game Title / Year Genre License
Alien Carnage 1994 Platform Full Version
Arctic Adventure 1991 Platform Full Version
Bio Menace 1993 Platform Full Version
Claw 1997 Platform Shareware
Commander Keen - Episode 1 1990 Platform Full Version
Commander Keen - Episode 4 1991 Platform Full Version
Commander Keen - Episode 6 1991 Platform Shareware
Commander Keen - Keen Dreams 1991 Platform Shareware
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 1992 Platform Shareware
Crystal Caves 1991 Platform Shareware
Dark Ages 1991 Platform Full Version
Duke Nukem I - Episode 1 1991 Platform Full Version
Duke Nukem II - Episode 4 1993 Platform Full Version
Electro Man 1994 Platform Full Version
Heros: The Sanguine Seven 1993 Platform Full Version
Hocus Pocus 1994 Platform Shareware
In Search of Dr. Riptide 1994 Platform Shareware
Jazz Jackrabbit 1994 Platform Shareware
Jetpack 1993 Platform Full Version
Jill of the Jungle 1992 Platform Shareware
Kiloblaster 1992 Platform Full Version
Major Stryker 1993 Platform Full Version
Monster Bash 1993 Platform Shareware
Monuments of Mars 1991 Platform Full Version
Paganitzu: Romancing The Rose 1991 Platform Shareware
Pharaoh's Tomb 1991 Platform Full Version
Realms of Chaos 1995 Platform Shareware
Secret Agent 1992 Platform Shareware
Xargon 1993 Platform Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Adventures of Robbo 1994 Puzzle Full Version
Boppin' 1994 Puzzle Full Version
Breakfree 1995 Puzzle Shareware
Columns 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Heartlight 1994 Puzzle Full Version
The Incredible Toon Machine 1994 Puzzle Demo Version
Jezzball 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Klotski 1991 Puzzle Full Version
Kye 1992 Puzzle Shareware Version
Life Genesis 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Minesweeper 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Pegged 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Pipe Dream 1991 Puzzle Full Version
Rattler Race 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Reproduction Man 1995 Puzzle Full Version
Reversi 1990 Puzzle Full Version
Robots 1993 Puzzle Full Version
Rodent's Revenge 1991 Puzzle Full Version
Stones 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Taipei 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Tetravex 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Tetris 1993 Puzzle Full Version
Tic Tactics 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Tripeaks 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Tut's Tomb 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Word Whiz 1988 Puzzle Full Version
Word Zap 1992 Puzzle Full Version
Zeek The Geek: Part 1 1995 Puzzle Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
BC Racers 1995 Racing Full Version
Big Red Racing 1995 Racing Demo Version
Death Rally 1996 Racing Shareware
Radix: Beyond the Void 1995 Racing Shareware
Wacky Wheels 1994 Racing Shareware
Game Title / Year Genre License
Amulets & Armor 1997 Role-Playing Shareware
Ancients 1991 Role-Playing Shareware
Castle of the Winds: Part 1 1989 Role-Playing Full Version
Castle of the Winds: Part 2 1989 Role-Playing Full Version
Diablo 1996 Role-Playing Demo Version
Dink Smallwood 1997 Role-Playing Full Version
The Elder Scrolls: Arena 1994 Role-Playing Full Version
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 1996 Role-Playing Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Corncob 3D 1992 Simulation Shareware
Crime Fighter 1993 Simulation Full Version
Iron Seed 1994 Simulation Full Version
Mutant Chicken Races 1996 Simulation Full Version
Theme Hospital 1997 Simulation Demo Version
TNM 6.2+ Wrestling Simulator 2003 Simulation Shareware
Game Title / Year Genre License
Football (For Windows) 1992 Sports Full Version
Fujigolf 1991 Sports Full Version
Game Title / Year Genre License
Age of Empires 1997 Strategy (Real-Time) Demo Version
Age of Empires II: Age of Kings 1999 Strategy (Real-Time) Demo Version
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors 2000 Strategy (Real-Time) Demo Version
Caesar 1992 Strategy (Real-Time) Full Version
The Corporate Machine 2001 Strategy (Real-Time) Demo Version
Railroad Tycoon Deluxe 1993 Strategy (Real-Time) Full Version
Age of Wonders 1999 Strategy (Turn-Based) Demo Version
Dope Wars 1999 Strategy (Turn-Based) Full Version
The Settlers of Catan 1998 Strategy (Turn-Based) Full Version